Gamry Interface 5000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA
The Interface 5000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA is a compact, inexpensive system for material development and condition testing of batteries, super capacitors and fuel cells

The Interface 5000 delivers a higher current of ± 5A in direct comparison with the Interface 1010. The maximum available working electrode potential is ± 6V. The additional electrometer allows the simultaneous tracking of both half cells of a battery, a supercapacitor or a fuel cell when using an embedded reference electrode including the whole cell in a single experiment. Due to this time saving additional experiments can be scheduled.
Gamry Reference 3000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA
The high-end potentiostat for all demanding applications in electrochemistry from very low to high currents.

The Reference 3000 offers eleven current ranges between 300 pA - 3000 mA at a maximum of either ±3A@±15V or ±1.5A@±32V at the working electrode. Two additional gain stages (10x / 100x) extend to an even broader current range of 13 decades, allowing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on very high ohmic surrogates between 1 MHz and 10 µHz with current resolutions down to 100 aA per bit using state-of-the-art microelectronics and oversampling. Careful selection of electronic components and design result...
Gamry Reference 3000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA - Auxiliary Electrometer (AE)
The well-known high-end Reference 3000AE Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA with eight additional auxiliary electrometers (AE).

With the eight additional channels of the Auxiliary Electrometer (AE) add-on option of the Reference 3000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA, potential differences of either eight individual half cells of a stack or up to eight peripherical signal transducers can be measured. Each of the eight available electrometers (± 5 V vs. counter electrode potential) can clarify the impedance of a half cell in an electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurement performed over the entire stack or to simply measure eight additional...
Gamry Reference 3000 (AE) and Reference 30k Booster
The Reference 3000 (AE) Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA high performance and multi-purpose basic unit can be combined with the Reference 30k Booster and is ideal for evaluating new highest-level technologies for batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors and high turnover electrochemical synthesis.

The Reference 3000 is already a high-performance system, but with the addition of the Reference 30k booster, it can serve even more demanding applications. You can therefore make a valuable contribution at the highest level in basic research, electrochemical synthesis, and electrochemical energy storage. The Reference 3000 basic instrument can either be equipped later with 8 additional auxiliary electrometers (AE; Auxilliary Electrometer) by means of a hardware upgrade, or you can opt for the Reference 3000AE.
Gamry LPI1010 Interface
Interface for loads and power supplies for EIS characterization of batteries and fuel cells available in three versions (10 V, 100 V and 1000 V)

Alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources are becoming more and more prevalent, and fuel cells and batteries are playing an important role in energy storage and conversion of these alternatives. However, their future success depends on continuously improving efficiency and performance, which you can now do much better with Gamry's LPI1010 Load- / Power-Supply Interface.

High-Power Potentiostats / Galvanostats Kolibrik PTC series
The PTC series is used for measurements with high current requirements, e.g. for the characterisation of electrolysers or fuel cells

The 4-quadrant potentiostats/galvanostats of the PTC series are available with four power ranges up to max. ±100A@±5V. Impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is possible via two channels between 1 mHz and 100 kHz. This means that tasks in general electrochemical synthesis, from water splitting and alkaline CO2 conversion to fuel cells and other energy storage and conversion concepts, can also be successfully mastered on larger surfaces with higher material conversion and higher current requirements.
MegaEIS – multi-channel impedance test stand
Modular configurable multi-channel (up to 1000 individual cells) impedance test stand for fuel cell and electrolysis cell stacks as well as Li-ion and redox flow battery packs

The MegaEIS multi-channel electrometer/impedance spectroscopy test stand enables the characterisation and optimisation of up to 1000 individual cells, e.g. of a fuel cell or electrolysis cell stack up to 1000 V / 2000 A within a power limit of 250 kW. For tasks in general electrochemical synthesis from water splitting and alkaline CO2 conversion to fuel cells and other energy storage and conversion concepts - also on an industrial scale.

Gamry Multi-channel potentiostat with Interface Power Hub (IPH)
Multi-channel systems are ideal for any application where significance can be increased by higher experimental throughput.

With the multi-channel potentiostat from Gamry, a single system can be flexibly configured from many channels for research purposes with high significance. Flexibility means to operate each channel individually, in groups or all together. Each channel covers either a current range from 100 pA to 1 A (IFC1010) or from 500 nA to 5 A (IFC5000) and can maintain a maximum potential of either ± 12V (IFC1010) or ± 6V (IFC5000) at the working electrode.
Gamry EIS Box 5000
The Gamry EIS Box 5000 consists of an Interface 5000 base unit and an electrochemical multiplexer optimized for impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on batteries, fuel cells and super capacitors up to ±6 V.

With the EIS Box 5000, the detailed characterization of multiple batteries using the sophisticated method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is intuitively possible and at the same time offers reliable results at high throughput. This efficiently accelerates tasks in quality assurance, material development and basic research of electrochemical energy storage devices.

Gamry Software
Gamry has developed its own software for each important application in electrochemistry and offers a very simple and intuitive handling through open source scripting, flexible and uncomplicated, even the customized experiment as well as with other programming languages such as LabView, C++, etc.

In a Gamry system, the electrochemical experiment consists of two separate operations, each in its own software environment. The recording of the measured data is done with modifiable scripts programmed in "Explain" in the Gamry Framework and their evaluation with modifiable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts in the Echem Analyst.

Gamry Lithium Battery Materials Cell Kit
The design of the Lithium Battery Materials Cell Kit allows very flexible investigation of electrode materials of a lithium-based galvanic cell.

The Lithium Battery Materials Cell Kit is available in the versions "standard", "half-cell" and "whole cell" and enables very flexible mounting and dismounting of up to three electrodes made of foil, wire or bulk material in a lithium-based galvanic cell within a glove box.
Gamry Universal Battery Holder (UBH)
The all-rounder among battery holders - designed for cylindrical 18650 cells as well as button cells - with high flexibility in dimensions and connection options

With the Universal Battery Holder (UBH) a variety of batteries can be connected to all available Gamry Instruments systems - from Interface 1010 to Reference 3000 (AE) including Reference 30k Booster - with a true “four-terminal Kelvin-type” contact, cycled up to 30A and characterized in terms of their impedance.
Gamry Battery Holder for Coin Cells (Dual-CR2032) and 18650 (Dual-18650)
For electrochemical impedance spectroscopy on the coin cell types CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032 or on the cylindrical 18650 cell

Gamry´s Low Inductivity Battery Holder for cylindrical cells (18650) and coin cells (CR2016, CR2025 and CR2032) can reduce unwanted impedances due to the cable connection and contact impedances to a minimum thanks to the four-terminal Kelvin-type gold-plated contacts. The leads on the printed circuit board also ensure reduced inductive crosstalk with about 500 pH to 5 nH.
Gamry Pouch Cell Holder
Flexible battery holder for pouch cells to characterize different types of pouch cells with different dimensions

With the Pouch Cell Holder a variety of pouch cell types can be connected to all available Gamry Instruments systems for reproducible and reliable measurement results with a true “four-terminal Kelvin-type” contact, cycled up to 30 A and characterized in terms of impedance.  
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