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Montag, 15.03.2021

This high-pressure reactor from Buechi with volumes between 100 and 600 ml offers specifications that makes one sit up and take notice.

Freitag, 05.02.2021

We offer an introductory electrochemistry package consisting of a Gamry potentiostat and laboratory tests/experiments with instructions and accessories at an attractive price.

Donnerstag, 26.11.2020

With the ARV-501, THINKY introduces a new mixer for pilot plant scale. The system can be operated either without vacuum, with integrated vacuum level ex works or with customer-side vacuum.

Donnerstag, 26.11.2020

We have expanded our product portfolio in the field of thermal conductivity and thermophysical properties. Since September 2020 we support the systems of the Canadian manufacturer Thermtest Instruments in Germany and Austria. Thermtest offers a range of different methods that comply with various standards such as ASTM, IEEE, ISO, etc. The Thermtest product range thus perfectly complements the Hot Disk product line. Until now the systems were supported by Thermtest Europe AB from Sweden, this European support center continues to support us here in our sales area.

Freitag, 13.11.2020


You can reach us as usual via phone and email. For current inquiries or discussions about ongoing projects, there is also always the possibility of secure web conferences, e.g. via our TeamViewer channel. Our staff will be happy to support you with simple uncomplicated access to this variant of communication.

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Deliveries take place as usual. We are in regular exchange of information with our partners and suppliers. We would also like to point out that many of our analytical and laboratory instruments and accessories are also available from stock.

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In addition to telephone and e-mail, we are also available at any time via remote access – if permitted on your side – for technical support. This is done securely and easily via our TeamViewer channel, you can find the link for this under „Technical support via remote access„.

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