„buchiflex“ – the unique, flexible glass connection system
A flame polished glass connection!

Safe, tight and reliable connections are the crucial point for dependable operations of glass reactors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The Buchi company founders recognized at an early stage that the flexibility of each individual glass joint is of huge importance. The unique buchiflex connection was invented as the basis of a complete modular glass system with interchangeable components.
Buchi MiniPilot [2 …15 Liter]
Stirred glass vessel [2 … 15 liter] with PFA-coated robust steel cover plate

The Reactor's explosion proof design (ATEX) and inert materials allow safe processing of solvents and acids in a completely sealed reaction vessel. The compact standard reactor setup can easily be modified, interchangeable reaction vessels of 2, 5, 10 and 15 liters including interchangeable stirrers are available.
Buchi MidiPilot [15 … 30 Liter]
Stirred glass vessel [15 … 30 liter] with PFA-coated robust steel cover plate

The midiPilot is our sturdy multipurpose glass reactor for small volumes. It is specifically designed for applications in kilo lab, for chemical process development and GMP complaint API syntheses. The system is also available as clean-room setup.
Buchi BR Glass reactor [15 … 60 (100) liter]
Glass reactor BR with destillation system

The BR type chemReactor is a basic pilot reactor system for chemical process development, scale-up, process simulation and kilo-scale cGMP production in batch and semi-batch operation.
Buchi GR System [15 … 60 (100) Liter]
Stirred glass vessel with multipurpose glass setup for destillation.

The GR type chemReactor is a complete pilot reactor system for chemical process development, scale-up, process simulation and kilo-scale cGMP production in batch and semi-batch operation. A lot of options are possible.
Buchi CR-System [15 … 250 Liter]
Stirred enamel vessel with multipurpose glass setup for destillation.

Reactor [CR-Type] with solid jacketed glass lined steel bottom stands for solid construction, excellent heat transfer, stable process conditions and temperatures, and a glass section to easily improve and control chemical reactions by visual observation.
Buchi Glass setup
Glass setup, Glass parts for stirred vessels

Chemical process equipment consisting of glass lined reactors or mixing tanks with distillation overhead in borosilicate glass can be operated at full vacuum and low pressure. A large variety of chemicals can be processed in such plants due to the highly corrosion resistant materials used.
Buchi Nutsche filters
Nutsch filters with many options

Buchi nutsch filters can easily be combined with our reactors for solid / liquid separation after the synthesis. The inert materials allow safe processing in a inert atmosphere of a wide range of solvents and acids, completely under full vacuum.
Buchi Mixing vessel
Stirred vessel – made of glass, glass lined steel, steel.

Mixing vessels are frequently used for stirring, dissolving, mixing, extraction and other processes in kilo-labs and pilot plants. Jacketed Glass reactors permit heat exchange for better dissolving and crystallization. Mobile mixing vessels can be transported with their content for further processing.
Buchi Scrubber
Glass scrubber

Gas scrubbers are used to neutralize corrosive exhaust gas from reactors. Depending on the scrubbing liquid, they can be used for caustic or acidic vapors. Gas scrubbers are equipped with an ETFE lined, corrosion resistant magnetic coupled pump.

ATEX proofed reactor
Safety with ATEX proofed reactor made of different materials.

Also small volumes of educts or products could generate an explosive atmosphere. So please use also from small scale reactions ATEX proofed equipment.

Buchi Process measuring and control technology
Measure, control & automation

Automation increases reproducibility of single process steps and the productivity of complete chemical processes by fully automated runs. C3/Buchi adapts and integrates commercially available up-to-date technology of leading suppliers which fulfill current technical guidelines and directives regarding flame proof or ex proof equipment for installation in chemical plants and laboratories where Ex Zone specifications are required.

Buchi Accessories for chemical and bio-chemical reactor
Many accessories for different applications in a stirred vessel.

Different accessories helps to complete and realise your process, for example: pH measurement, pH control, gas inlet tube, sampling system, solid charger, pumps, thermostate, isolation, flow control sensors and regulators, CIP equipment, spray nozzle, load or weighing cell, glove box, ….

Special Glass Systems
Buchi - Custom-built glass vessels and other glass parts

Special is for us standard, please lets speak over your process and find the best solution to realise your process setup.

Training Glass Installation
Training Glass Installation - for technical operating staff

With this training we [C3/Buchi] offer our customers the opportunity to get familiar with various subjects in glass plant engineering with the goal being able to service and maintain glass plants largely themselves.
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