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Holographic and Ruled Plane Gratings
We offer a broad range of plane ruled and holographic diffraction gratings for your application

Diffraction Gratings are used in different applications like spectroscopy (i.e. monochromator) or in laser systems (i.e. pulse compression) and many other optical applications. Our partner Richardson Gratings Lab desings and manufactures gratings for more than 60 years.
Concave Holographic and Ruled Gratings
We offer a broad range of ruled and holographic oncav diffraction gratings for your application

Concave diffraction gratings can do two things – diffract and focuse light. This type of grating is used for example in spectrometers with CCD detectors.
Transmission Gratings
We offer a broad range of transmission gratings from Richardson Grating Lab

Diffraction Gratings can also be used in transmission mode. RGL offers a broad range for transmission application for different wavelength.
Diffraction Gratings for OEM Customers
We offer attractive conditions and a broad range of services for OEM customers – contact us

Our huge selection of available master gratings enables already solutions for your individual application. In addition we are able to develop and manufacture also perfect customized gratings resulting in a technology lead for your product
Diffraction Gratings –  Special Technical Features
Echelle gratings, mosaic gratings or grisms – RGL portfolio covers all types of very special gratings for you demanding application

Special types of gratings are dedicated for special applications – echelle gratings for high resolution, mosaic gratings for astronomical instrumentaion or grism (combination of prism and transmission grating)
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