Gamry Interface 1010 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA; Grundgerät für die Gamry EISBox1010 und Load/Power-Supply Interface (LPI) Hochspannungs-Testsystem für elektrochemische Impedanzspektroskopie (EIS) bei 10V, 100V oder 1000V incl. schwebende Masse (galv. Trennung von der Schutzerdung) width=
The Interface 1010 is a value oriented, general purpose potentiostat for almost all applications except for high current electrochemistry.

The "T(eaching)" version of the Interface 1010 can be purchased flexibly at a low entry level budget for almost all applications in electrochemical research and -industry. Later, if requirements increase, existing electronic components with higher specifications can be activated by means of a paid upgrade.
Gamry Reference 600+ Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA mit Hochfrequenz-Zellkabel (HF; 60cm) für Impedanzspektroskopie (EIS) bis max. 5 MHz incl. schwebende Masse (galv. Trennung von der Schutzerdung) width=
The Reference 600+ is an evolution of the Reference 600 and continues to be used for demanding applications and basic research.

The Reference 600+ offers eleven current ranges between 60 pA - 600 mA at a maximum of ± 12 V at the working electrode. Two additional gain stages (10x / 100x) extend to an even broader current range of 13 decades, allowing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on very high ohmic surrogates between 5 MHz and 10 µHz with current resolutions down to 20 aA per bit using state-of-the-art microelectronics and oversampling. Careful selection of electronic components and design result in...

Gamry Software Korrosion (DC) für vielfältige elektrochemische Korrosionsprüfmethoden (Tafel, Polarisationswiderstand, Rp/Ec-Trend, etc.). width=
Gamry has developed its own software for each important application in electrochemistry and offers a very simple and intuitive handling through open source scripting, flexible and uncomplicated, even the customized experiment as well as with other programming languages such as LabView, C++, etc.

In a Gamry system, the electrochemical experiment consists of two separate operations, each in its own software environment. The recording of the measured data is done with modifiable scripts programmed in "Explain" in the Gamry Framework and their evaluation with modifiable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts in the Echem Analyst.
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