6 Liter Gaswäscher mit Auffangwanne im Edelstahlgestell, mobile Ausführung width=
Glass scrubber

Gas scrubbers are used to neutralize corrosive exhaust gas from reactors. Depending on the scrubbing liquid, they can be used for caustic or acidic vapors. Gas scrubbers are equipped with an ETFE lined, corrosion resistant magnetic coupled pump.

Gamry EIS Box 1010 für elektrochemische Impedanzspektroskopie (EIS) bei ±12 V je Zelle und bis max. 26 V in einem Zellen-Stapel incl. schwebende Masse (galv. Trennung von der Schutzerdung) width=
The Gamry EIS Box 5000 consists of an Interface 5000 base unit and an electrochemical multiplexer optimized for impedance spectroscopy (EIS) on batteries, fuel cells and super capacitors up to ±6 V.

With the EIS Box 5000, the detailed characterization of multiple batteries using the sophisticated method of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is intuitively possible and at the same time offers reliable results at high throughput. This efficiently accelerates tasks in quality assurance, material development and basic research of electrochemical energy storage devices.

Gamry Software Korrosion (DC) für vielfältige elektrochemische Korrosionsprüfmethoden (Tafel, Polarisationswiderstand, Rp/Ec-Trend, etc.). width=
Gamry has developed its own software for each important application in electrochemistry and offers a very simple and intuitive handling through open source scripting, flexible and uncomplicated, even the customized experiment as well as with other programming languages such as LabView, C++, etc.

In a Gamry system, the electrochemical experiment consists of two separate operations, each in its own software environment. The recording of the measured data is done with modifiable scripts programmed in "Explain" in the Gamry Framework and their evaluation with modifiable Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts in the Echem Analyst.
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